Do you know there are tips for drying your own wedding bouquet?

After your wedding, your bouquet is able to be dried out…so it’s like extending the party a bit more!

psssst…here is the fresh version.

Drying your wedding bouquet is super easy! When you get it home, take the binding ribbon off, cut the (possible multiple!) rubber bands  or ties that has been used to hold your bouquet and re tie it with just 1 rubber band.

This is so the blooms can dry and out without getting squished. They need a little space to breath, plus the rubber band decreases its stretch accordingly as your bloom stems are slowly dehydrating and getting thinner

Hang your bouquet upside down so any thinning/drooping stems won’t be drooping once you pop them upright again (gravity amiright!?)

…and here is the fresh version on this beauty.

Some places that might work is on your balcony in a dry spot, in your front/back room where you get a little light and breeze…basically just somewhere not dark and dank. This will promote the mould. Especially if you live in the wet tropics!

Check on it every now and again to make sure they are going ok. If any florals have shattered, ie roses that have lost all their petals, remove that stem. Same if some have gone mouldy, just pull them out.

This process might take 2-3 weeks depending on where you live.

Once its dried you can place upright in a vase either and enjoy!

Please remember that some blooms just don’t take to drying no matter how hard you try and they will look really blah!

Now you get to enjoy your bouquet forever!

Ps, you can also take some smaller fresher blooms before you dry them and place them between some baking paper and heavy books and you can make your own pressed blooms. The sweetest.

Gab X