A Fitzroy Island wedding couple share the details of their day.

Describe yourselves as a couple?

Well I feel everyone says they are easy going but to honest, I don’t think anybody is easy going when it comes to their wedding! And they shouldn’t be! We want what we want! 

We are ‘that lovey dovey’ couple. The ones always touching that’s us, we won’t be dry humping on the seat next to you! (No one wants to see that! ) We always have a finger interlocked or sharing a quick glance to see how or where the other half is. 

We are driven and dedicated, we are both self-employed business owners. We are fun! We love to throw a good party! We really come alive when we are together, with people or without as long as we are together. 

Nine Blooms, Queensland wedding, Queensland Bride

Nine Blooms, Queensland Wedding, Queensland Bride

What was the most important aspect of your wedding for you guys?

As we love a good party and quality time with our loved ones. We really wanted to have the right balance. Enough time for everyone but also for us

This is how we decided on most of our choices. We picked a remote Island so all guests would need to stay at least 3 days, but we made it a 5-day event if you wanted to be part of everything. We also kept it relatively small only 46 people. This was important so we could balance the timing of events, so we really got some quality one on one with each guest, but also has each other to ourselves at moments. It’s a huge ask to give up your time and money to attend a wedding. Remembering this we really wanted to show appreciation for that!

But also, its about us, our commitment to each other for the rest of our lives. It was so important for us to have time to get a few quiet moments just us, to reflect and share.

 What was the best part of your Fitzroy Island wedding day?

Renee: For me, walking down the aisle. To see Doug so emotional and waiting for me it was just one of those you never forget moments. The moment you know will be amazing but completely takes your breath away anyway! It’s so moving, its everything and more all in a couple of minutes.

Also, the dancing! I love dancing so for me sharing that for 6 solid hours with my nearest and dearest will go down as the most amazing memory. So, I’m cheating and having 2 haha. 

I loved it all the whole 5 days! It’s so hard enough to pick but those are a stand out.

Doug: The best part of my wedding day on Fitzroy Island was the lead up, standing, waiting in anticipation whilst having small talk with our guests waiting for Renee. The soft music starting and then catching the slightest glimpse of her silhouette walking alongside the trees. As she comes around the corner into clear view, the morning sun hits her body and dress and in an instant my breath is being taken away from me.

That feeling, that moment will be etched into my soul forever. Just epic.

Nine Blooms Queensland Wedding

What was your experience with Nine Blooms like?

Gab is Amazing! I believe you need to trust the person you have chosen. We are all professionals with the likes of Pinterest and Instagram.  Let’s be honest though, nothing in real life is exactly like the picture if it’s not right for the climate/condition! We are after all talking about a living thing here! 

 What we loved about Gab was she was real! We were totally blown away, nothing was too much she worked to our budget, provided inspiration that was exceptional in that it looked like the picture, so instead of me wanting some crazy flowers that wouldn’t withstand the FNQ atmosphere –  (something that would have literally be unachievable, costly and not looked like the picture) She gave us options that were so beyond achievable and amazing, they exploded any dream vision I had!!

On top of that she’s a rad chic in every way to deal with. But of course, very professional.

 Was there anything you would change about your wedding day on Fitzroy Island?

Literally nothing! We loved every minute

Nine Blooms Queensland wedding