Re purposing your ceremony florals at your reception is kind of a big deal. 

Florals always bring the mood and the vibe. Especially when you can bring to vibe from your ceremony over to the reception.

I will almost always suggest that any ceremony blooms that you have ordered can reused at your reception. This is what I call floral-recycling.

It only makes sense for them to be reworked into your reception space to get maximum amount of usage and to be enjoyed for the entire evening.

Here are some examples

Pew/chair florals can be removed after being used and placed on your cocktail tables, dry bar tables, coffee tables of gift table.

Sugar Wharf Wedding

I’ve had some requests to reuse these on actual guests’ tables to keep budgets in check, but I don’t often suggest this as they may get a little bumped around at the ceremony. Aunty Betty needs to get past Uncle Pete and has pressed on a rose. Little cousin Jack thought he would run down the aisle and touch them all as he went past, and Grandma Rose just wanted to check if they were real, so she pinched a few to see if it left a mark.

This is real life guys, I know these things happen, flowers are indeed fascinating, but having these not so pristine blooms on your guests’ tables doesn’t sit right with me. Having them placed on your peripheral and casual tables makes more sense. After the ceremony they are quality checked for these tables too. Having blooms in this cocktail/canape area sets the tone for the rest of the reception area.

The blooms from your ceremony arbour can be removed and re purposed on your bridal table, which looks a bit amaze if I’m being honest.

images | SB Creative Co

This wedding here was a great example of ceremony florals being reused effectively at the reception. Also check out this drool worthy wedding.

Arbour florals that can be disassembled and reused in your reception space gives me life. Head over here to this gorgeous Port Douglas wedding featured on Together Journal

Port Douglas wedding

These then get taken to your reception to be used on the bar, your guest book table or your grazing table, they can go anywhere really!

What I’m loving on these days for ceremony florals are freestanding metal plinths that can be reused in your reception also, either at the entrance of your space or either side of your bridal table.

Above image | Katie Purling Photography

In regard to who transports these over to your reception for you, there are a few choices.

I offer this in my services, and so I will await the end of your ceremony and photos with family and head in to remove these florals for you. They get taken straight to your reception without you even knowing I was there!

You can also enlist the help of a family member or friend to assist with this for you, or you can ask if your planner is able to assist here. This will need to be discussed with your planner beforehand.

So floral recycling is what I love to suggest so you can get the most out of all the blooms for your big day.

Chat again soon lovely!

Gab XO