I have been on a healthy product journey for about 12 years now, So I thought I would write about how it all got started and why.

After having my first baby, I started looking into what I was washing her with. My midwife had told me she needs nothing but water, as she’s just a baby so she’s not dirty!

This made me think about all the baby products I saw advertised on TV and if I really needed them for her…but also what I could adjust or swap out for myself also.

I investigated homemade everything…laundry power, soap, shampoo, toothpastes. The info and advice for natural products online was just gaining momentum, so I started with shampoo, it seemed the easiest and most straightforward. **A word of warning for hairdressers, look away now!!*** Lol

There were a few months in the beginning and a few times throughout this journey when I washed my hair with ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and Bicarb soda. I popped them in a squeezie bottle and squirted it on my hair while in the shower. Be careful. When these products are together, they fizz initially.

It ‘kinda’ cleans the hair, but ‘kinda’ strips it a bit at the same time, I also told my hairdresser I was doing this, and she was very unimpressed!

I went on to only use one or the other…all ACV OR all Bicarb. This was sort of ok…it kept the oily at bay…but my hair still felt a bit blah. I used this formula once a week as too much can be damaging to your hair.

Online I had read that using conditioner was better than shampoo. Have you looked at the first ingredient of most shampoos? Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. (SLS) Now go google that! Both SLS and Bicarb strip the natural oils from the hair, but I would prefer Bicarb do this over the SLS. That stuff is in almost everything we use that foams up, hand soap, dish detergent and loads more…umm yuk.

Conditioning my hair worked well, kept my hair soft and took away a bit of the dirtiness. I think the oily dirty feel is the biggest problem to combat.

Later on in my natural journey I had cut my hair quite short, which made it very easy not to wash it at all…and then to top it off I thought I would shave my head (big bucket list item, and an homage to a friend who I’d lost that year) once shaved, truth be told I didn’t wash it very often at all, there was no need. A simple wash with water and a little rubbing was all I did.

My healthy product journey

My freshly shaved head in 2018.

Since then I have cycled through many hair adventures…honey and lemon, beer you name it…just google a few and give it a try.

I have come to realise that I never really liked any type of  traditional shampoo and I like to be adventurous with the natural stuff I try.

Now I am using Hemp Collective for my healthy product journey, it’s a shampoo bar. It keeps my hair clean and it does a nice job. No conditioner, just the bar. I understand that shampooing opens the hair follicle and conditioning it closes the follicle, but I like to live on the edge a bit!

You can use a natural treatment for conditioning purposes, but I am pretty low key, so I never investigated that option.

I will be super honest here and say that REALLY enjoy it when I get a professional haircut, because I will relax my standards and have them use their salon products…and I do occasionally miss the feel of ‘properly’ washed hair…when its silky and smooth and feels so soft, but my hair is clean and chemical free any other time and I feel better about that.

I read this ‘No Poo’ article a while back and thought I would pop it here for further research if you are keen to actually not use any shampoo to see what happens with your hair. I believe it returns back to ‘balance’ after a while, but that means dealing with oily hair at times. Sometimes just using water and generously rubbing can assist here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my no shampoo investigations on my healthy product journey. I have delved deep into the world of deodorants also, so I might speak on that next time for part 2…

If you have any questions, pop them in the comments or head over to here. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Gab X