I’ve been noticing some things…slowly over time. I’ve stopped reading books in bed, any spare moment of boredom and I reach for my phone, things that strangers are going on their stories are taking precedence over my kids showing me something.

How did this happen? I know you are feeling it too, I think we all are. For me personally, Instagram is my monster.

Last Friday night when I wanted to catch up on some emails and get back to some clients, I found myself scrolling Insta and lost about an hour. I then felt sorry for myself, felt ashamed that I didn’t just get going on that work I was going to do, and then I felt sad.

That’s when I logged out and uninstalled the App.

The entire weekend was then spent being present. I made plans, and stuck to them, I hung out with my kids at the creek and watched trees sway in the breeze and butterfly’s dance around me.

A meal plan was made for the week and did the food shop for it, cleared my inbox. I had time to think about the week ahead and plan for it. Tidied the house a bit, drank loads of water (this is a new thing too!)

On Monday I had time to eat lunch and to prep for dinner. I had actually made the dinner and popped it in the fridge. Now how good does that feel? Knowing dinner is already made!!! Bliss.

I’ve been trialing something else of late also…this has been implemented for a few weeks already, and it’s been a game changer.

No phone in bed.

Only on the weekends I will treat myself to a spot of Netflix, but to tell you the truth, I’ve actually rediscovered reading a book in bed! So more often than not, I will be reading on Sat and Sun nights and leaving Netflix for another time.

I was honesty losing brain cells. Going to sleep every night watching something or rather show that I would get 5 mins into and be asleep.

Now I’m an avid fan of falling asleep in a comfy couch in front of the telly, have done this my entire adult life. It’s a real passion of mine. But after switching out the Netflix in bed for a book, I’m sleeping better and waking up better and clearer. The phone stays out on the kitchen bench all night.

My goal moving forward on this

Designating a time to post on IG (and a little engagement) and times to scroll and sticking to them…otherwise I lose an hour and then those feeling of shame and guilt come creeping back in, and I’ve lost time doing something I should have been doing.

Spending time away from the ‘inspo’ I see on instagram and creating my own!

Keeping my phone out of sight, so I don’t go the grab at it at every opportunity.

…and last of all, turning off all the notifications on all the apps. When it pings, I grab. Out of habit.

An Instagram notification telling me someone liked my latest post can wait a bit, I’m sure of it.

Chat again soon lovely!

Gab XO