Bridesmaids dresses. Where to start!?

As a wedding vendor I get asked lots of questions about non floral related topics.

One such topic is bridesmaids dresses.

There are the usual formal + wedding dress shops where you can obtain your maids dresses, but a lot of my clients over the years have sought them from online shops and places where regular dresses are purchased.

This is so so great, as that old adage of being able to wear your maids dress again can actually become a reality! (instead of the old days where you would be stuffing that slightly not very comfortable dress in the back of your wardrobe, because you will definitely NOT wear it again!)

So, I asked a few of my previous and current clients who they loved and where they obtained their bridesmaids dresses from and I have compiled a short list- with links, so you can shoot straight over to their website for a sticky.

I hope these suggestions help with your search for the prettiest maids’ dresses ever! If you have any questions at all, head over to my contact page to send me a holler!

Chat again soon lovely!

Gab XO

Esther & Co





Forever New



Carla Zampatti



Runaway The Label



Shona Joy