Are you feeling me?

If you have just started out as a business owner or maybe you have been running your own business for some time but you still find yourself spending waaay too much of your time in your inbox, here is a quick and effective solution that has helped me keep tabs on my email rabbit hole.

Managing your inbox can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in growing and maintaining a business. You need emails to communicate with others, so that’s obviously an essential function of running a business. But, if you’re anything like me, you also spend probably too much time checking and responding to emails each day. So I’m going to share with you my own personal experiences on how to spend less time in your inbox while still effectively managing your other online communications.

Spending LESS time in your email is the holy grail of productivity. It’s the place where many small businesses lose entire days without even realizing it (My hand is up…GUILTY!)
You get distracted by hard-sales emails from other companies advertising their newest product or service, by emails with subject lines that make you panic about whether or not you’ve done everything you need to do to succeed in your business, by unhelpful emails from your support desk or worse yet, by spam.

Often times, we’ll think that the amount of email we get in our inbox is normal. But that’s not the case. For some strange reason, our email volume keeps growing every year. And this can be hard to manage if you start spending more and more time in your inbox, struggling to keep up with everything. However, if you look closely at the way you receive and manage email, a lot of times you can find ways to organize yourself better…

Ok Firstly, eliminate unwanted emails.

I unsubscribe to any emails that are just not serving me anymore… If I haven’t bought that course I keep thinking I will, or if I’m not getting value from the emails I will remove myself. This has been a game changer in weeding out the multitude of emails I receive everyday! ( I dare say, you get a barrage of them too?)

Be intentional with how long you would like to sit with your emails,

otherwise you can be in there ALL DAY and ‘think’ you are being productive…trust me, you are not! (super guilty of this!)

Set a timer- for real!

I set a Tomato Timer (seriously, Google ‘Tomato Timer’) it sets a 25-minute block of time, and then it beeps when the time is up! Then you choose a 5- or 10-minute break- that’s timed too!! and then you start again.
Again- another game changer! oh ok, here is the link! easy peasy! Tomato Timer

I hope this helps for you lovely!

Gab X