My business specialises only in wedding flowers. I am a one (wo)man band…It’s me you speak with on the phone, its me who is chatting to you on email, its me who designs and constructs your bouquet and other lovelies & its me who delivers them to directly you. that’s how I like to roll.

I only accept a limited number of weekend clients in the season. a small clientele base means a more intimate service and a higher quality of product. I am also very much a client led designer. I like to know what you are in LOVE with and what florals have got you all giddy with excitement…from there we can discuss all your options.

Your wedding florals are carefully chosen from a very select and dedicated team of suppliers, both local and interstate. every flower is dutifully inspected and only the best blooms make their way into your designs.

Full floral services start from $3000. Requirements for smaller floral services are available on request.

I cant wait to meet you and hear all your gorgeous ideas.