Hello friend.


Here’s a little something about me.

I’m from Sydney originally and moved to Cairns with my small family in the summer of 2007. Nine Blooms was established in 2008. I wanted to bring my style of pretty to Tropical North Queensland local + destination weddings.

Flowers and the emotions they evoke have been a big part of my life since I was a child.

They fascinate me immensely.

Imagine opening your knocked door to a little bundle of blooms on your door step (grabbed from the other neighbour’s gardens mind you!) Yep, I was that kid. And yes, I hid behind a tree in the yard because I wanted to see the emotion on their face. It’s what I still look for when I arrive at your hotel the day of your wedding.

The fact that flowers can bring up so much emotion is such a powerful thing, the meaning of a certain bloom, the heady scent of another and the memory of a flower growing in a grandparent’s yard is always a common mention. Its heartfelt and I like that sort of thing.

I love on all my clients and working with them every season… and truth be told, I kinda miss them when their wedding is complete. I enjoy building relationships based on a foundation of mutual understanding and trust so I’m able to deliver a bang on representation.

It’s just me at the helm, I like it that way. This is what I know how to do, this is what I do best. So it’s just you and me lovely…let’s do this.

I want to hear your story- what hits you in the feels, your floral loves and how you want them designed for you.

Head on over here for some pretties to spy on + come say Hi here if you think you and I would be a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you- Gabrielle xo